Product Delivery and Collection

  1. Delivery of the Products in the same Order can be by one or multiple installments.


  2. If we need to revise the Delivery Date, we will inform you of the revised Delivery Date as soon as practicable. Delivery Date of the Products shall not be the essence of the Contract and is only our best estimate. Under no circumstances shall we be liable to you for any advance or delay in respect of the Delivery Date (howsoever caused or whether or not the same has been notified to you).


    If you fail to collect the purchased/redeemed Products within thirty (30) days of receiving Order Confirmation, or if you fail to give us adequate or accurate delivery instructions, then, without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to us, we may at our sole and absolute discretion (i) store the Products until actual delivery and charge you for reasonable costs incurred (including insurance and storage expenses); or (ii) charge you for any additional expenses incurred by us as a result of inadequacy or inaccuracy of Order information or your failure to take delivery; (iii) deal with the uncollected Products by any means without any obligation or responsibility to you (including without limitation refund of any amount paid or return of any e-Coupon used); (iv) authorize our designated delivery or storage service provider to deal with the Products in accordance to the delivery and storage procedures adopted by such service provider without any compensation to you (including without limitation any additional storage or delivery fees charged by such service provider which arise from your delayed collection of Products).


    We shall be deemed to have properly performed all obligations under the Contract upon delivery, and the Products delivered shall be deemed to be correct and of satisfactory quality.
  5. All risks in the Products shall pass to you upon the Products being delivered to Delivery Address or being collected. But we shall retain title in the Products until full payment has been received by us.


Product Replacement

If there is any damage for all products purchased from this website, it must be informed to FUJI via email or telephone within 7 days after pick up. Otherwise it will be deemed that customers accept the product and operating properly. The product replacement is valid for 7 days after the product is picked by customers. Customers can only exchange the same product, please contact our customer service team before you exchange the product. Cash refund is unavailable and not any other product with the same value. Extra delivery charge from product replacement for Macau customers will be charged to our company, Macau customers need to contact our customer service team for further arrangement before return the product.



All products from this website are sold to users for private purposes, but not for any commercial resale. If there is any suspicion for the ordered products, FUJI reserves the right to terminate the related order.


Compensation and Liability Limits

In the event of any conflict with the customer of using this website that caused any losses to FUJI, customer agrees to comply with all responsibility for the compensation and indemnity of any losses, expenses, damages and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) of FUJI. Customer agrees that FUJI does not accept responsibility for any losses caused by using this website, and also agree to abandon all the accountability of FUJI for any compensation. If such declaration does not apply to individual cases, the liability of FUJI shall not exceed the amount that you pay to purchase the product or services at this website.


Online payment

The service for online payment is provided by ‘AsiaPay’. By using PayDollar, the most advanced Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate, the encryption technology and online authentication services to prevent the invasion and theft of lawbreakers for a safe shopping experience.


Legal and regulatory

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and interpreted by the laws of Hong Kong. You hereby irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Courts in connection with any disputes arising from or in connection with these Terms and Conditions.


Privacy Policy

This website is committed to protecting your privacy. The information collected through this website is for helping us to improve services and products for customers only. Please continue to read the below process of personal data and privacy.


  1. Fuji Photo Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fuji") aims to fully comply with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) under the requirements and exceed the requirements of the above Bill protection under feasible situation. For this purpose, we will ensure that our staffs reach the most stringent security and confidentiality. 

  2. You are not obliged to provide Fuji with your personal data. However, such provision is necessary so as to enable Fuji to provide you with the services or products.

  3. We may use and retain the personal data you provided to us for the following purposes and for other purposes as may be agreed between you and us or required by law from time to time:
        (a) registering, operating or maintaining your account with us;
        (b) purchasing goods and/or subscribing for services rendered by us;
        (c) facilitating and following up your online transactions with us, including but not limited to processing of any
             payment instructions;
        (d) the daily operation of the services and products provided to you;
        (e) informing you any Fuji’s services or products;
        (f) marketing services or products of FUJI products and FUJIFILM STUDIO;
        (g) serving any purposes relating to any of the foregoing.

  4. Under the Ordinance, you have the right to:
        - check whether we hold any of your personal data;
        - access your personal data held by us;
        - require us to correct any personal data which is inaccurate; ascertain our policies and practices established (from time to time) in relation to personal data and the types of personal data held by us.

  5. We shall keep your personal data confidential at all times. Our policies and practices with respect to the collection, use, retention, disclosure, transfer, security and access of personal data will be in accordance with the Ordinance and this Privacy Statement

  6. We may use and retain the personal data you provided to us for the following purposes and for other purposes as may be agreed between you and us or required by law from time to time:
        (a) processing your member and service application;
        (b) providing you with FUJI products and FUJIFILM STUDIO services and information;

  7. Subject to your consent, we may use your personal data (including name, gender, date of birth, telephone number, home address, email address) for marketing, promotional and customer relationship management purposes certain nature of goods and/or services relating to FUJI products and FUJIFILM STUDIO services and information via SMS messages, email, direct mailings and social media; the normal management, operation and maintenance of the service; designing new or improving existing services provided by us and our websites to you; investigation of complaints, suspected suspicious transactions and research for service improvement; prevention or detection of crime; disclosure as required by law;

  8. We may disclose and transfer (whether in Hong Kong or overseas) your personal data to the following parties to use, disclose, process or retain your personal data for the purposes mentioned above:
        (a) Our agents and contractors for the provision of products and/or services that you ordered and/or subscribed
        (b) Regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies and courts;
        (c) Our professional advisers, and any other persons under a duty of confidentiality to us;
        (d) and Any of our actual or proposed assignees or transferees of our rights with respect to you.

  9. FUJI may use "cookies" to collect Data on the usage of our service by users and to facilitate return visits. A "cookie" is a small piece of information sent by a web server to be stored on a webbrowser so it can later be read back from that browser. If you enter to this website again, our ‘cookies’ can identify your identity which makes our serves more personalized. We will provide more suitable products and services for you according to your personal data.

  10. Most browsers will accept ‘cookies’ automatically. You may adjust your internet browser to inform your "cookies setting" or to disable the operation of the "cookies". If you disable "cookies", you cannot shop at this website, but you can still browse part of the contents of our website.

  11. Customer can request to access or correct the account information which is held by FUJI Photo Products Co., Ltd. Fuji Photo Products Co., Ltd. reserves the right to handle inquiries by charging a reasonable fee. If you do not wish to receive direct marketing promotional information from us with respect to the products/services mentioned above, or do not wish us to disclose, transfer or use your personal data for the aforesaid direct marketing purposes, or to obtain information or correct Data, or for enquiries regarding practices and policies by Fuji Photo Product Co., Ltd., please refer to the following contact:


Privacy Officer
Address:8/F Tsuen Wan Industry Centre,    
                  220 Texaco Rd,
                  Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong