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Terms and condition of Use

The user of Fuji Photo Products Co. Ltd. (hereinafter 'FUJI') allows www.fujifilmshop.com.hk (hereinafter 'this website') to use this website for the following purpose:


  1. The content of this website cannot be changed or change for printing without the prior consent of FUJI, the original copyright holder, or any right of others, unless the website has specific statement.

  2. Please note in advance that any coping, downloading or using specific images from this website may violate the right of FUJI, copyright holder or any right holders of the images. Users are not allow to do any above action, unless this website has refered to, or accessed the consent of FUJI, copyright holder or any other right holders.

  3. Users could establish link to this website except to the following types: Intentionally use the content of this website as part of the source link, show the images or videos from this website at the source link directly,  Links that may cause any misunderstanding between the source link site and FUJI's source link, site contains any illegal content, harass the social order or establish links to illegal purposes links that detrimental to FUJI's reputation or credibility. The website shall be permitted to add, modify or delete the content of the site without prior notice. Please note advance that this website can also change the URL without prior notice. FUJI shall not bear any liability for causing any inconvenience due to the establishment of linking to this website.
  4. Users are required to strictly abide any other part in any condition by this website. FUJI shall not guarantee for the service provided to the user by this website, nor accept any liability for any damage caused by the use of this website. FUJI can modify or amend any description error and update the content of this website at any time to provide the latest and most accurate information about FUJI.
  5. Display images in this website are simulated.


6. If we find any action that may cause any harm to FUJI, the third party or violations of the law, FUJI serves the right to suspend or terminate any person to access the whole or part of the webpages of this website without prior notice.


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